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Author: Cyndie Shaffstall

The Problem with A/B Testing

This week we set up an elaborate A/B test on subject lines. I liked How 1.75 Billion Mobile Users See Your Website and my client manager liked Business Cards are No Longer the First Impression. We learned long ago not to be a focus group of two, but our testing also proves something else I’ve been saying for years — A/B tests do not stand alone.

Ahem, Excuse Me

As marketers, one of the biggest challenges we face is growing our marketing list at a rate higher than our attrition. On average, companies report an attrition rate of about …

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Forgetting Unsubscribe — Is This a New Trend?

As marketers, staying engaged with your constituents is more than betting on their short-term memory loss. It’s about honoring the relationship and their wishes.