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We’re so pleased when our customers say nice things…

The Maverick Magazine

As a small business owner, I have spent years struggling to find a good web designer to deliver a website we could be proud of. I found all this and so much more with Spider Trainers. I couldn’t be happier with every aspect of working with them including their knowledge, professionalism, lightning fast response and delivery and our new website, which has become an invaluable asset to our company. I would highly recommend Spider Trainers to any and all business owners and do every day.

—Amie Rodgers
Editor and Publisher
The Maverick Magazine

Michael Mirabella, P.C.

Fast, reliable service without the usual Techie BS about why things can not be done or done on a timely basis.

—Michael Mirabella
Michael Mirabella, P.C.

Ashton Tweed

The team at Spider Trainers is talented, creative, and flexible. They are always willing to try new things and are very responsive to our business’s needs. Ashton Tweed benefited from their innovative approach to our website and marketing emails. They are also a fun crew to work with! We always enjoy our calls with Chuck and Cyndie, and we look forward to many more!

— Kelsey Hoffman
marketing director
Ashton Tweed, Inc.

Aurora Care Clinic

Spider Trainers took my below-average website and made it a clean, professional portal for generating leads. Definitely worth the short time and low cost incurred. Thanks Spider Trainers!

— Susan Morgan
Aurora Care Clinic

American GL-3

Chuck and the group were very proactive in addressing all questions up front. They then provided very quick turnaround and progress updates as the website was being designed. As a first time user, I was very impressed.

— Lorne Strong
general manager
American GL-3, Inc.

Watters Design

Spider Trainers was very easy to work with. They were accommodating to any changes that we had on our templates. Also, they were available to walk me through the entire process. I learned a tremendous amount from Cyndie and Chuck about email marketing. I would definitely work with them again.

Diana Lopez Negrete
manager of marketing and business analytics

Spider Trainers has been very responsive to all the input I had regarding my site, and has been very patient with me as I occasionally make changes to it to better reflect what I do.

— Shannon Applegate

I came across Spider Trainers by accident. And I’m very thankful that I did!

I was looking for a company that could help automate marketing for my small-business, payroll-processing company. Spider Trainers was working as a partner to a firm which provided these services and in addition they also provided copy writing, design services and website development along with SEO work.

My website was in need of a transformation. I didn’t want to spend marketing dollars when my website wasn’t up speed.

Spider Trainers quoted me a fee to completely design a new website. Cyndie Shaffstall showed me some of the work her team had completed and it was impressive. I agreed to have her do her magic. The first draft was so much better than my old site. The copy writing was great; all I did was provide some background materials. Spider Trainers used what I had on the old website, as well as their expertise in color selection, and use of graphics and pictures. Spider Trainers also did their own research on the payroll-processing industry and added their findings into my new website!

To me it looked terrific! Cyndie’s team worked on the site to make it even better with their insight in site development. I know they had a lot more hours into the design than they originally expected, but they were always there to tweak it and make changes.

I have worked with many vendors over my twenty some years and Spider Trainers is definitely one of the best. I highly recommend them.

— Joseph Donelon, CPA

Hunting Insider

As a business professional, I get a kick out of internet people talking about my ROI. Most of them have no idea whatsoever what an ROI is, much less how to improve mine.

What has been so impressive about Spider Trainers is that they really take time to understand what I think about my current spending, my current measurables, and current ROI; and then we agree on the improvement metrics that are needed. It is a totally different, and very refreshing, approach.

They are smart, aggressive, experienced, and fast. That is an unbeatable combination. And sure enough, they have improved my ROI in a pretty dramatic way.

I am sold on Spider Trainers; they have made me a customer for life. I would be happy to talk to you about my experience.

— Mike Dewey

Maxim Global Wealth Advisors

From the very beginning, I’ve felt in good hands with the team at Spider Trainers. And they didn’t disappoint! We had big plans to do what none of our competitors were doing in terms of engaging our audience through online marketing. Spider Trainers helped us put those big plans into action in a way that would have taken us months…in a matter of days. We’ve already seen a dramatic business result from their work…with no slow-down in sight. Thanks Spider Trainers!

— Andrew Fisher
Maxim Global Wealth Advisors

Xeikon NV & basysPrint

After reviewing our search-engine rankings and social-media visibility, Xeikon chose Spider Trainers to develop a more-optimized site for Xeikon and sister companies, ThermoFlexX and basysPrint. Under extremely tight deadlines, we required two sites in time for debut at a major industry tradeshow. Spider Trainers met this deadline and delivered the live sites within 90 days, despite numerous challenging technical barriers.

Spider Trainers rebuilt our sites from the ground up in a more current version (thus closing security vulnerabilities), optimized text and image content, appropriately embedded keywords throughout, and launched wide-spread social-media and local-search initiatives that still include daily postings and analytics.

Though no project of this size can be executed without a hitch, Spider Trainers was, and continues to be, responsive and professional in addressing new content and feature requests.

With an eye on the future needs of our digital community, Xeikon is committed to providing visitors, followers, and customers with an easy-to-use and helpful experience at our sites, in our marketing, and through our social networks, and we trust Spider Trainers to lead the way.

— Aditya Dwivedi
director of marketing, North America
Xeikon America

Prisme Technologies

To say Cyndie Shaffstall is knowledgeable and capable in web design, optimization, cross-media promotion, and digital marketing in general would be an understatement. When combined with Spider Trainers’ powerful network of systems professionals, and Cyndie’s attention to detail and an unquellable sense of urgency, results are immediate and predictable. I greatly enjoy working with Cyndie and at the end of a planning session or ad hoc meeting, I leave knowing that our strategies will be enacted quickly and to good effect.

Prisme Technologies enjoys its technological partnership with Spider Trainers and wholeheartedly endorses Spider Trainers for any company looking to build its web presence and to capitalize on today’s e-marketing opportunities.

— Dan Sparrow
former president
Prisme Technologies

Spider Trainers has been instrumental in helping Prisme Technologies get our message out to the masses. Before engaging with Spider Trainers, all of our marketing was by word of mouth through cold calling, trade shows, and eventually online demos — only occasionally did a website visitor initiate a call. Now, with Spider Trainers assistance, our messaging is being delivered to our target audience consistently and timely via multiple social-network channels…which is exactly where our target market is looking for the information. The result is increased knowledge in the market, increased website traffic to our corporate website, and increased opportunities.

— Mike King
regional director eCommerce Solutions
Prisme Technologies

Pridemark Paramedics, LLC & Charity Golf Network

Pridemark Paramedics engaged Spider Trainers to rebuild and optimize the corporate website and to train our internal team for ongoing site updates and changes. Having known Cyndie Shaffstall both personally and professionally for some time, I was confident that her company, Spider Trainers, would provide us with the kind of in-depth knowledge that I wanted for our project.

The site optimization, redevelopment, and training were completed on schedule, and Pridemark immediately began day-to-day site updates and contributed towards maintaining our search-engine growth and placement. Once we assumed complete internal control of the project at Pridemark, Spider Trainers continued to provide technical support for more than two years following the site deployment.

When I explored the launch of a new company and project, I again turned to Spider Trainers to provide some of the same services but also to lead project management and development of our SaaS product. With our product nearing beta release, Spider Trainers is now preparing the product’s marketing and go-to-market strategies and implementations.

We’re eager to launch and start engaging in other areas as recommended by the Spider Trainers’ team — local search, social media, email marketing, and more — and when done, we’ll know that our product will have the best chance of success because the launch initiative will also have been spearheaded by a team we’ve come to know and trust.

— Mike Donner
CEO, Charity Golf Network
Former CEO, Pridemark Paramedics, LLC

Dogma Pet Sitting

Spider Trainers has undoubtedly been the most-valuable resource to me in starting my small business.  My initial approach to marketing was to rely on customer referrals and word of mouth.  I soon realized that I would need more. In addition to providing me with solid direction in developing a highly effective and customer-focused website, Spider Trainers’ interventions have yielded my website very favorable search-engine results.  Once Spider Trainers became involved with my marketing plan, I almost immediately began receiving calls from customers who found me on the web.  My decision to work with Spider Trainers has been my wisest decision thus far.

— Jamie Floyd
Dogma Pet Sitting, LLC

Lingraph Services Company & Menufactured

With their vast amount of knowledge and experience, Spider Trainers has helped make our small company’s web presence greater than it has ever been!

— Charlie Williams
brands manager
Lingraph Services Company

Maracle Press

Cyndie Shaffstall and Spider Trainers…Two Thumbs Up (for each one)!

You can depend on the Spider Trainers’ team to deliver on commitments within agreed upon timelines, along with real SEO results. Better yet, all on a budget-friendly basis! Thank you, Cyndie.

— George Sittlinger
Maracle Press, Inc.

Spider Trainers helped our company get the SEO rating we were looking for. Thanks especially to Cyndie Shaffstall for her continuing help and support.

— Darlene
Maracle Press, Inc.

Stoneside Blinds & Shades

Great responsiveness. Thanks for all your help and your commitment to our success.

— Mickey Fain
Stoneside Blinds & Shades

Cyndie has been incredibly responsive to all our marketing needs at Stoneside. We have grown 500% in 10 months and the marketing materials created by Spider Trainers has helped with our efforts tremendously. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to increase brand recognition. Turn-around times are minimal, communication is simple, and results are spot-on.

— Jezika Therrien
national sales manager
Stoneside Blinds & Shades

Radiology Data Corp.

Cyndie and her team have done a great job for Radiology Data. Our marketing programs and social-media presence are much stronger since we began working with Spider Trainers.

— David Ramsey
Radiology Data Corp.

Lange Graphics, Inc.

They really “get it.” My point is that marketing in today’s market is different than ever before. You can’t just keep on doing the same things that used to work! With Cyndie’s knowledge and experience, they bring a refreshing approach to attracting new and retaining old customers. It seemed like everyone who approached us with a way to gain business were stuck in the old ways only wrapped up in new packaging. When I met Cyndie I could tell she really knew what she was talking about. We are very pleased and excited to have Spider Trainers on our side.

— Taylor Elder
marketing and HR
Lange Graphics, Inc.

Cyndie has an unbelievable understanding on how all this new technology works and the ability to tie it all together.

— Vince Elmini
sales manager
Lange Graphics, Inc.

Legal Organization

Spider Trainers and specifically the owner, Cyndie Shaffstall, were invaluable in helping me define my career face to the public. Since becoming a client I have had a significant increase in interest in my profile and visibility. My career skills, experience, and persona have been effectively and efficiently highlighted so that the best possible presentation of me to potential employers has been achieved. I do and will continue to highly recommend Spider Trainers to my colleagues and friends. Thank you Cyndie and thank you Spider Trainers!

— Candice Manzanares
Legal Organization

Budget Concepts

Cyndie listened and took notes and in less than a week she had created the perfect website for my business.

— Mike Butler
Budget Concepts