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WordPress websites

To become a successful marketer, you must have a website with sufficient depth to support your campaign. It’s not enough to send emails linked to your home page, you need squeeze pages, landing pages, and even microsites. In the past, being able to customize or contribute to your own website was out of the question — the programming languages required very specific and sometimes highly technical skill sets. That is no longer the case.

Today, more than 76 million websites are powered with WordPress. This platform or software is known as a CMS, or content management system. It is comprised of specially programmed pages and a database that when connected enable the display of your articles, images, videos, and the like — all in an easy-to-use, word-processor-like environment.

100% of Spider Trainers’ clients are using WordPress, and this is no accident. We know your campaigns will be more successful if you understand how they work and can participate. Moving your older sites into a WordPress platform will enable and empower you to contribute, update, and design new content specifically tailored toward engaging and amazing your visitors.

WooCommerce shopping carts

If you’re selling online, we further recommend WooCommerce, a WordPress plug-in. WooCommerce powers just short of 18% of the web’s online shopping carts and provides the features and functions required by every conceivable type of product. WooCommerce website image

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