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Multi-touch marketing

Your chances of creating a sticky message are amplified when Spider Trainers promotes your message simultaneously through multiple, appropriate channels. This is called multi-touch marketing and it can include both online and offline and traditional and emerging channels; though not all channels will be effective for all types of messages.

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The illustration above is a campaign schematic for a multi-touch marketing effort. It includes touches to the different channels that we used for an actual client’s marketing campaign. We chose each of these vehicles in order to glean information about the customer’s needs and behaviors. All touches in this campaign — email, social-media postings, direct mail, press releases, news announcements, downloadable resources, coupons (with QR codes), optimization of the existing website pages, and appropriate landing pages — launched simultaneously. At the close of the multi-touch marketing campaign, analytics showed how effective each channel was at providing insight into the customers’ behavior.

This multi-touch marketing campaign and each vehicle within it was tailored to meet the specific needs of the recipient, thus ensuring higher open rates and higher click-thru rates. With consideration given for the actions of the recipients (e.g., on which links they clicked, which downloads they accessed, which webcasts they attended), subsequent campaigns to this prospect list became more targeted — and more effective.

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Spider Trainers monitors the behavior of every campaign recipient and visitor to your website. We build campaigns in multiple versions — called A/B or multi-variate testing — and track the effectiveness of each version. We include information, links, downloads, and resources that entice the customer to click and, thus, disclose their interests. Using this information, we segment the leads, prospects, and customers in your database and tailor newly developed messages appropriate for each segment. We use analytics to measure where your customer is in the decision-making process and — importantly — provide triggers to nudge them along. Analytics are available for every channel and are aggregated to provide a holistic view that will help you and us become better at engaging your leads and customers.