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Real Estate Marketing

Spider Trainers partners with Amanda Behm and the team at to offer a full range of support services for busy real estate professionals.

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Whether you’re looking to delegate routine admin tasks or needing help with an overwhelming marketing or tech project, you can rest assured that every detail will be covered quickly and efficiently.

One of their feature services is social media management. From planning, creating, and scheduling posts to strategy, timing, and analytics, they’ll work to build your brand with custom content, increase your organic followers, and keep your name in front of potential and past clients across platforms.

Along with social media, Amanda can help you with your other marketing needs; digital marketing, Facebook ads, Craigslist ads, farming campaigns, newsletters and drip campaigns.

Real estate CRMs are their specialty! Whether you need help with a new setup and migration or just ongoing support with managing your contacts and taking full advantage of your system’s features, you’ll soon have a complete and organized system to help you reach your goals. Quick and efficient lead follow up and keeping in contact with your sphere will be streamlined and easier than ever!

It’s nice to have someone waiting in the wings when you are overloaded with admin tasks or need extra support on the techy side of things. This is where partnering with an experienced professional provides value to you. You won’t have to spend valuable time training. You won’t need to spend time learning systems and processes that are confusing, time-intensive, or too detailed for you.

Put the winning combination of education, experience and skills to work for you in a personalized way.

Amanda Behm
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