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Drip (multi-event) marketing

Stay top of your customers' minds with an extended, predesigned, pre-scheduled drip campaign.

Spider Trainers are experts at defining and responding to your needs for a drip campaign. We will design a completely custom, branded theme for your messaging, establish a deployment schedule, load the campaign into your automation software (or help you with manual reminders), and monitor the campaign analytics.

As a managed professional services provider, we work with your software — be that Hatchbuck, SharpSpring, Act-On Software, Eloqua, Marketo, SilverPop, Pardot, Aprimo, HubSpot, InfusionSoft, or something else — designing, developing, and deploying your campaign in order to achieve your sales and marketing goals.

Automated marketing: drip vs. nurture

Many marketers and marketing-automation software companies use the terms drip marketing and lead-nurture marketing interchangeably, but these two marketing styles are different and will achieve different results.

Drip marketing

Nurture marketing

Generalized message. Highly specific message.
Pre-designed template on a pre-determined schedule. Pre-designed template deployed in response to action or interaction on behalf of the recipient (auto-responder).
Standard, less personal method of follow-up. Recognizes the needs of the buyer and stage in the buying cycle.
Keeps you top of mind when/if the customer enters or returns to the buying cycle. Nudges shoppers along the sales funnel through recognition and response.

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