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Blast (single-event) marketing

There is no better marketing channel from which to draw precise and usable tracking information about what's successful and what's not than email marketing.

Spider Trainers designs, develops, and deploys email-marketing campaigns to qualify recipients, drive visitors to the site, acquire customers, and provide information to the sales team about each customer’s readiness to engage or buy (lead scoring).

We address each and every email campaign with the careful consideration it deserves by defining the goal, crafting the message, and carefully selecting the list of customers who are most likely to respond. These email-marketing campaigns are bolstered by targeted landing pages designed to motivate action and increase conversions. Email marketing is an opportunity to learn something, and combined with analytics can unearth valuable data for your continually evolving marketing efforts.

Finally, email-marketing campaign deliverability is amplified when Spider Trainers cleans and optimizes your company database. We will work directly within your CRM system and use campaigns to append your client list with up-to-date information about each customer’s contact information and buying habits through the use of integrated lead scoring.

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