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Making sense of it all

Spider Trainers will track and analyze every component of every campaign, web page, social media posting, and clicked link. We use a mix of standard website analytics tools with other tools that separately track social-media postings, emails, QR codes, and much more. With the Spider Trainers marketing campaign analytics in place, we will provide you with reports that chart the success levels of campaigns and content, and allow you to compare your results with competitors or other similar offerings.

Web (Google) analytics for your website

It’s important at the start to benchmark current search-engine results as a brand and company and for the executives so that as campaigns are deployed, we can both see the changes and react quickly to downturns and make the most of upturns. Using industry-standard measuring metrics, Spider Trainers website analytics expose critical information about your executives, the company, and the product such as where you are at the start, where you want to go, how you’re doing along the way, and when you’ve arrived.

Email analytics for email deliverability

Email marketing is an opportunity to learn something, and Spider Trainers email analytics unearth valuable data for your continually evolving marketing efforts. With the campaign deployed, we closely monitor the results and report on the email analytics. We are available to discuss these reports upon request. Deliverability of email campaigns is amplified when Spider Trainers cleans and optimizes your company database and works directly with your CRM system, and analysis of campaigns will be used to append your client list with up-to-date information about each customer’s contact information and buying habits through the use of integrated lead scoring.

There are a number of analytics tools that measure results and many of them are designed for the end user. We will recommend and teach you to use these tools so that you have an active role in the efforts that are underway.

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