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Most agencies never consider the impact of printed material on search-engine optimization, but we know SEO is not a single event — it is a holistic approach that includes online, offline, mass and micro media, and everything in between.

Brands are built through online and offline consistency

Whether you need to make a strong first impression or provide a captivating leave-behind, Spider Trainers will design bold printed media collateral pieces that reinforce your brand, help you achieve your marketing goals, and drive traffic to your website and social media presence — and even though it is printed media material, it will be search-engine optimized in order to further validate and support your claims as an authority on the topic of your products or services.

When Spider Trainers designs printed media, we keep in mind that each creative piece may well need to be re-purposed in order to meet the requirements of multiple formats. Creatives should be appropriate and support multiple formats that may be required when converted to multimedia events for inclusion in your website’s resource section or posted to social media networks such as YouTube and SlideShare.

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