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Prospects, Leads, & Subscribers [eBook]

Stick to the best-practices high road as you develop your marketing lists

With email such an important part of doing business today, we are all in need of acquiring a list, growing our list, understanding our list, improving our list, or all of the above. There is no shortcut to all of the above — or even to any of the above. Developing a marketing list, be that for use online or offline, requires a great deal of effort. as you consider which of these efforts is best for you, you also need to understand what will and will not get your company name on the radar of one or more spam monitors.

This eBook will give you a good foundation for developing leads, prospects, and subscribers. We’ve included best practices and a host of ideas to spark your creative thinking as you tackle list acquisition, growth, and management. With most efforts you will experience wins — some small and some really huge — and somewhere along the way you will realize that you’ve gotten pretty good at it all.

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