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Celebrate Unsubscribes [case study]

Is it time for a bit of housekeeping?

Beth Hayden, senior staff writer at CopyBlogger, wrote, “A lot of email marketers take it very personally when people drop off their list. They fret and sweat over every lost reader; but I argue that there are many reasons why you want to celebrate — not mourn — when someone unsubscribes from your list.”

I think Beth is onto something. Not only should you celebrate the loss, you should encourage it.

Many email-automation systems charge you based upon either the number of leads in your list or the number of emails you send. In either case, when you send an email to a prospect that clearly has no interest in your message, you are wasting money or effort, or perhaps both. What’s more, this inactivity could well be affecting your sender reputation and spam scores.

If true, then shouldn’t you ask yourself: At what point are my inactive leads a liability? Is it time to clean house?

In this case study, I’ll discuss a recent re-engagement campaign that we deployed at Spider Trainers. The test list was small, just 2966 leads: 193 of which were suppressed as system addresses, 336 that bounced, and netting 2244 actual emails sent for the first version, but I feel the process we implemented is worth a look and may give you ideas for deploying your own re-engagement and archiving campaign — on a small or large scale.

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