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Automated Email Marketing [eBook]

Tanscend from when-we-can marketing to just-in-time marketing

As marketers, we know the importance of timeliness — being in front of the client with the right offer at the right time — and, fortunately, email automation makes this possible.

Triggered email marketing enables us to reach our leads and prospects at a time that is most relevant to them (and not when most convenient for us). Triggered campaigns are challenging at best and though they share many of the same requirements as single-event campaigns, they have moving parts that far outnumber most other types of events. With that said, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed no matter how much staff or experience you have. In this eBook, Spider Trainers shares with you our collection of tried-and-true lessons and advice, but honestly, it’s probably a good idea to give serious consideration to hiring outside help — at least for your first campaign.

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