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50 Good Ideas for Getting to Google’s Page 1: Website Visitors (part 3)

Visitors, prospects, subscribers, and customers.

Spider Trainers 50 good ideas: visitors

Spider Trainers good idea number 28Good idea #28: Affecting search results

Post a privacy policy. In a world where identity theft is more likely to affect you than not, every visitor wants to feel confident about how the information a site collects will be used. This is as important for a subscription form as it is for a shopping cart. A privacy policy should outline how both non-identifiable and personally identifiable information will be stored, shared, and used.

Spider Trainers good idea number 29Good idea #29: Register now

Capture the customer. The most-qualified prospect is one that asks for information. Registration and subscription forms convert a casual visitor into a prospect and are an easy way to collect information that can be used to develop appropriate campaigns and content at the site.

Spider Trainers good idea number 30Good idea #30: Click here

Encourage action. A call to action (CTA) can be a link to a social-media account, a subscriber form, a link to a download, or a promo code for use in a shopping cart. Placing a CTA on every page prompts visitors to interact with the site. These interactions are tracked by the search engines and result in positive information being reported about the visit — not to mention the actual benefit that is received when the CTA is activated. CTA links must be appropriately structured to gain maximum benefit.

Spider Trainers good idea number 31Good idea #31: Sign me up

Entice subscribers. Subscription forms transition visitors to customers of content and give the site owner opportunities to further them along the conversion funnel. While many companies are challenged by the burden of developing ongoing content that is interesting and engaging, the benefit of collecting visitor information is priceless.

Spider Trainers good idea number 32Good idea #32: Affecting search results

Segment subscribers. Subscriber forms should require enough information that the list can be segmented into logical marketing groups. This ensures more-effective messaging and better content within the targeted landing pages. Segmentation qualifiers can be demographics, product interest, or any other group-identifying information.

Spider Trainers good idea number 33Good idea #33: What’s the score?

Keep a running tally. Lead scoring is a process where points are tallied each time a prospect responds to marketing activities. Lead scoring alongside a multi-tiered nurturing campaign is quite effective at moving prospects through the conversion funnel and understanding when a prospect is ready to make a decision or purchase.

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