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50 Good Ideas for Getting to Google’s Page 1: Marketing (part 4)

Spider Trainers 50 good ideas: marketing

Finally, let’s have a look at marketing strategies to boost page ranking.

Spider Trainers good idea number 3Good idea #34: It’s like a leaky faucet.

Drip market. A single marketing campaign released over time to prospects allows a company to stay in touch with subscribers even though they may not be ready to engage at a level higher than receiving direct mail or email. The calls to action in the messages will likely prompt the subscriber to reengage or make a purchase and this constant contact will have secured your company a more trusted status. Once the subscriber does reconnect, lead scoring will indicate to the sales team how close the prospect is to making a purchase or decision.

Spider Trainers good idea number 35Good idea #35: Be nurturing.

Nurture prospects. Many companies use an ongoing marketing effort that proactively guides prospects through a process of awareness, interest, and preference, and with lead scoring to identify the point at which the customer becomes ready to make a decision or purchase. This is called a nurturing campaign.

Spider Trainers good idea number 36Good idea #36: Open market

Deploy multi-touch campaigns. Messaging repeated across multiple channels is more effective as most people must see a message more than once before becoming aware enough of the offer to take action. Engage users with the same offer that spans both online and offline media and use analytics software, segmentation, and dedicated phone numbers to monitor the responses.

Spider Trainers good idea number 37Good idea #37: On target

Use campaign-specific landing pages. Targeted landing pages are typically deployed for individual campaigns. When extended to each occurrence of the same offer within a multi-touch campaign, these pages provide dynamic reporting that enables the marketing manager to quickly react to a particular touch that shows exceptional response rates.

Spider Trainers good idea number 38Good idea #38: Affecting search results

Create search-engine marketing campaigns. Search-engine marketing (SEM) can be an effective marketing tool while helping a company to learn which keywords perform best at driving qualified traffic to the site. The company bids on keywords and a winning bid will cause their ad to be displayed to the search-engine user. The company is only billed for ads on which the user clicks. With SEM, a company works from a pre-determined budget, which ensures that campaign spending does not exceed projections. SEM also provides analytics for even greater insight.

Spider Trainers good idea number 39Good idea #39: Click here.

Post click-thru ads. Reciprocal click-thru ad space on sites or within emails creates a win-win for companies and their partners. Trading space keeps costs at a minimum and targeted landing pages provide visibility into which partner sites perform best.

Spider Trainers good idea number 40Good idea #40: Really?! That one?

Respond to customer preferences. Questionnaires integrated into drip and nurturing campaigns enable a campaign manager to respond quickly to changes in customer needs and behaviors. Surveys used shortly after a visitor subscribes can be used to indicate preferences regarding frequency and topics of messages that they wish to receive.

Spider Trainers good idea number 41Good idea #41: Affecting search results

Use promotional codes. Promotional codes used in online and offline campaigns enable website owners to effectively track which messaging is most effective at converting prospects to buyers. Coupons and promo codes can be distributed through printed material, QR codes, or electronically. Analytics of targeted landing pages ensures every campaign results in a learning experience, even when it doesn’t result in sales.

Spider Trainers good idea number 42Good idea #42: Hello?

Use dedicated phone numbers. Extending the use of dedicated phone numbers to offline activities enables the tracking of campaigns that are likely to result in phone calls. Some phone companies provide unlimited additional phone numbers listed separately on billing statements.

Spider Trainers good idea number 43Good idea #43: Excellent

Collect online feedback. Posting a survey form for site visitors is akin to an online suggestion box. Feedback from this form provides a private forum for customers to rave or vent, and positive comments can be used elsewhere if the form includes a permission clause. Customers should receive a link to the form in their order-confirmation email.

Spider Trainers good idea number 44Good idea #44: How’d we do?

Incentivize offline customer feedback. Offline customers can contribute online when a survey link is included on in-store receipts. As an offline customer, it may take an incentive to attract the customer to the website. Incentives come in many forms, but are typically a random drawing from completed surveys. In order to win, the entrant must include contact information and this expands on the opportunities to interact with the customer.

Spider Trainers good idea number 45Good idea #45: Scan this

Add QR codes. Quick-response codes can be added to business cards, marketing material, print ads, and much more. These provide a shortcut for smartphones to access targeted landing pages, quickly add contact information to their address book, and more. The targeted landing pages provide in-depth information about which codes are driving traffic.

Spider Trainers good idea number 46Good idea #46: Let’s stay in touch!

Include social-media links. Social media enables a campaign manager to reiterate messages to prospects that have already established an interest in the company or product. Including social-media links in all campaigns will engage prospects and enable the push of offers and messages —even when the prospect has not formally subscribed.

Spider Trainers good idea number 47Good idea #47: Monty, I’ll take door #2.

Test messaging and design. Sending two versions of a campaign with a single change, such as different subject lines, is called A/B testing. Sending two or more versions with many differences is called multivariate testing (MVT). These two marketing strategies help identify effective components so that future campaigns capitalize on better-performing design elements or content. Response rates are measured through the use of targeted landing pages and email analytics.

Spider Trainers good idea number 48Good idea #48:

Implement PURLs. Personalized URLs are targeted landing pages that include the visitor’s name in the URL. This level of customization adds credibility to the message and assures consumers that they are doing business with a company that knows them personally.

Spider Trainers good idea number 49Good idea #49: That’s personal!

Use variable data to personalize. One-to-one marketing or variable-data marketing is the production of personalized images or content based upon information known about the recipient. At the most-basic level, this can mean addressing a direct-mail piece during the print process, but at the pinnacle, this can mean dynamically swapping images during the printing or emailing process and based upon the preferences of, past interactions with, or buying habits of the recipient.

Spider Trainers good idea number 50Good idea #50: Let’s just meet there.

Start, join, and participate in groups. Some social-media sites allow members to create and join groups or lists. Groups are a way for companies to disseminate information to members with whom they share interests, without including the site’s general membership. Companies can create groups and invite customers where they may share non-public messages, such as member-only offers.

50 good ideas Spider Trainers

Most companies have tried a few of these and a few companies use most. If you’re feeling overwhelmed — but still want to get to page one — click here to complete Spider Trainers’ contact form and we’ll provide you with a complimentary review of your site that includes a comparison to your top competitors.

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