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15 Cool QR Code Things [video]

QR codes are everywhere…

…on the sides of buses, in newspaper ads, on signs, in stores, on storefronts, in cereal boxes, and even on rooftops — but are they really worth all the buzz? You bet.

Here are 15 Cool QR Code Things that your customers can do to market their business with a two-dimension collection of squares, in your choice of formats. Get out your SmartPhone and click to view:

QR codes are a way of capturing a lot of data into a single symbol. The symbol, when read by a QR code reader — typically a SmartPhone — is deciphered and the encrypted data displayed, such as with an SMS text message, or used to perform an action, such as opening a web page.

QR codes are a great marketing vehicle with a wide variety of uses already in place and unlimited opportunities we’ve yet to discover. If you’re creating marketing events for your company or someone else’s don’t miss a chance to test this tools for your campaigns. 14 million of us scanned QR codes last June and that’s a marketshare that simply cannot be ignored.

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