Automated marketing and site development.


Client Maturity

As an agency or even a marketing department, you must work with clients of every possible ilk. Oh sure, your client might be your company’s CEO or it might be the marketing director of a third-party company, but when you provide marketing services, you’re nearly always reporting to someone else. So what happens when that client doesn’t have the maturity required to participate at a high level in discussions and project development? This lack of maturity might result in an abandonment of the project before completion because it seemed to take too long, needed too much development, or was broken.

Are We Hypocrites?

More often lately I have been carefully reading the terms and conditions and privacy policies of companies to which I subscribe. I am concerned about with whom my data is shared and under what conditions. While I hold my vendors to high standards, have I let our company’s standards slip?

When All Hell Breaks Loose

After auto-sending many emails to clients in the span of a few hours, we find ourselves faced with a dilemma. Do we send yet another email and risk alienating our clients further? Do we stop all communication until the recipients have been given enough time to forget we spammed their inbox? Do we remove them all from our list entirely? Do we respond to the dozens or hundreds of hate emails? Lastly, what do we do to salvage unsubscribes?

Supporting Your Shopping Cart

Your website provides you with real estate for validating claims and educating customers and should be a critical part of every marketing campaign, yet so many marketers toss up a landing page and call it a day. With eCommerce supplanting more and more brick and mortar stores, it may be time for you to re-evaluate your drip and nurture approach.

Wasted Personalization

Our most-successful campaigns were our weekly direct-mail postcards and letters, nicknamed PUN (product-upgrade notice) and CUN (competitive-upgrade notice). These events were mailed each week to everyone in our quarter-million name database who owned a product undergoing an upgrade during the week or for which a competitive product had been announced.